• 15 January 2022



Finding inner serenity can be difficult. It's good that there are herbal remedies that help restore balance without side effects.

Inner restlessness before an exam, a job interview or after an excessive dose of caffeine are normal and usually completely harmless. But there are also phases in which the mental carousel spins incessantly for no apparent reason, and every mosquito becomes an elephant. The feeling of always being on the go and not being able to fall asleep despite being very tired tugs at the nerves.

"Restlessness has countless faces," says Natura Vitalis founder Frank Felte (www.naturavitalis.de). The company from Essen has long been considered one of the leading manufacturers of natural food supplements and places the highest value on continuous further and new developments of health products on a scientific basis. "Nervous restlessness is usually accompanied by inner tension. There is a lack of composure and balance. Those affected are then unfocused, more often irritable, oversensitive or even aggressive. At the same time, however, they feel tired, listless and less able to work under pressure, which is due to exhaustion."

Then a vicious circle is set in motion. People sleep worse and are not refreshed. Performance decreases, which in turn leads to more stress. Restlessness and self-doubt increase and the vortex goes on and on and on. "It is therefore indispensable to get to the root of the evil and take countermeasures quickly at the first signs of harmful inner restlessness," emphasises Frank Felte.

The most common cause is an excess of stress - the triggers are manifold and vary from person to person and situation to situation. In addition to physical stimuli such as severe and persistent pain or environmental influences such as noise, professional or private stresses such as deadline pressure, mobbing, relationship problems as well as one's own attitude can also be a trigger. Once the stress reaction has manifested itself, those affected cannot find peace even in phases without acute stress. "Headaches, trembling hands, palpitations or increased sweating can be unpleasant side effects," explains health expert Felte.

Nature has gentle and reliable helpers at the ready. Medicinal plants work on a physical as well as on a mental and spiritual level. "Due to their holistic effect, they can bring about comfort, clarity and relaxation," Frank Felte knows. Valerian, oats, hops, lavender, passion flower and rose root have proven particularly effective for nervous restlessness. Various Natura Vitalis products contain these substances in high dosages to achieve the best possible results.

Valerian relieves restlessness during the day, and in the evening it helps with nervous sleep disorders. Valerian root extracts are found in numerous mono- and combination preparations, and their effect has been well studied. Oats are also popularly used as a remedy for nervousness and exhaustion. For homeopathic use, the whole fresh plant is processed to provide relief from mental exhaustion, nervous restlessness and problems with sleep and concentration. Hops in the form of tea are also a good aid against inner restlessness and for restful sleep. Another possible application is hop tablets or lozenges. In addition, a full bath with 20 grams of hops can also provide relaxation before going to bed.

Real lavender not only helps against restlessness, but also alleviates anxiety and nervous digestive problems, just as the extract of passion flower has always been used against nervous overstimulation. The effect of rose root is also under discussion: this plant is said to better adapt the organism to stress, as its various ingredients influence the metabolism of various neurotransmitters and above all improve mental performance in demanding, stressful situations - as well as physical resilience.

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